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Join the Community of People Who Want Public Broadcasting to Span Generations

WMHT has been a valued and trusted organization in our community for more than 50 years. We encourage you to partner with WMHT in shaping the future of public media by naming WMHT in your will or other estate plans.

Join WMHT's Legacy Circle

WMHT's Legacy Circle offers you the opportunity to make a promise to future generations that excellent public broadcasting will be here, enriching the lives of generations to come.

When you provide for WMHT in your will, living trust, life insurance, retirement plan, life income gift or other estate plan, you are invited to become a member of the WMHT Legacy Circle. The Legacy Circle honors the philanthropic leadership and vision of those individuals who have so thoughtfully provided for the future of WMHT through a planned gift.

Private philanthropy is an integral part of WMHT's success, and its future. Legacy Circle gifts help to ensure the continuation of our mission of public service and preserve our shared values for the benefit of future generations.

Benefits of Membership

Enjoy an array of rewarding benefits, including:

  • Access to a video lending library of WMHT programs.
  • Access to invitation-only events at WMHT Studios.
  • Exclusive opportunities to join peers and PBS/NPR personalities at events.
  • A quarterly insider's update from WMHT President Robert Altman.
  • Private, guided tours of WMHT Studios.

If you have already included WMHT in your estate plan, we deeply appreciate your generous commitment. We hope you will choose to let us know so that we may thank you personally and recognize your kindness in the records of the WMHT Legacy Circle.

If you wish your gift to remain anonymous, we pledge not to publish or disclose your identity. Everything will be held in strictest confidence, but you will still enjoy the benefits of your membership. To notify us of your future gift or for more information, please contact Sandra Beer, sbeer@wmht.org, 518-880-3462, or simply fill out this form.

If you have not yet included WMHT in your will or estate plans, we invite you to become a Legacy Circle member today.

You Will be in Good Company

WMHT gratefully acknowledges the following WMHT Legacy Circle members for their caring provision of a future gift to enrich the lives of generations to come.

Betsy Palmer Thompson
Carl and Claudia Shuster
Charles M. Liddle III
Edward Redelberger
Jim & Peg Miller
Joe Zoske
Melissa K. Komora
Stuart M. Fischman Esq.
Anonymous (2)

We remember with gratitude those whose gifts we have received over the many years.

Alice S. Allen
Cornelia Allen
Sonja M. Bolling
Martha Bowen
Helen Bull
Laura Burnham
Sara H. Catlin
Susan K. Cook
Marguerite F. Clickner
Catherine ReQua Cluett
Florence R Craddock
Anna E. Donnelly
Margaret C. Eosefow
Roy B. Estabrook
Anne H. Fitz
Beatrice Forstenzer
Irving R. Fulder
Beatrice B. Ganance
Beatrice Burr Gelbach
Jane D. Glenn
Hugo L. Golin
Alma Grew
Mary Alys Guetersloh
Evelyn C. Haase
Elfrieda Hartt
Robert S. Hayden
Rosemarie Hille
Susan Elizabeth Jones
Esther R. Jordan
William B. Jordan
J. Walter Juckett
Mildred R. Kennedy
Eve N. Kneznek
Mae E. Kowobus
Orazio Mancini
Charles L. McGrattan
Priscilla H. McGrattan
Frances G. Mead
Esther Milner
Stella M. Moore
Sallie D. Murphy
Victor G. and Gisella (Giza) Muzsnay
Blanche Nechanicky
Roger W. Nellis
Harold Richard (Dick) Nelson
Martha J. Nicklin
Carl A. Niemeyer
Joseph A. Palisi
Robert Paul
Robert H. Pendt
James H. Dr. Pert
Henrietta F. Rabe
Kathryn Wilson Rich
Virginia White Sargent
Jeanne M. Schwarz
John and Minnie Scicluna
Margaret Travers See
Harry Craig and Elizabeth H. Sipe
Emily M. Stalker
Julius R. Stein
Susan Steindorff
Constance Decker (Mrs. Richard C.) Taylor
Anne Strong Tobias
Irene Tobias
Frances B. Townley
Amy Upjohn
C. Jordan and Nancy Bonsall Vail
Gabriel Vogel
Gwenllian (Mrs. Ernest) Warncke
Marguerite M. (Mrs. Abner B.) Wellborn
Marjorie M. Wells
Susan Margaret Wenzel
Esther C. Wheeler
Saul J. Wiener
Arlee R. Woldar
Janette H. Wright

*WMHT apologizes for any error in this list and would be grateful to be informed of any changes that should be made. legacy@wmht.org


Legacy Cirlce

Learn more about the value of PBS and WMHT

"I grew up with public television and classical music all of which continues to be an important part of my life. I feel fortunate to be able to spend my days working with viewers and listeners who value all that WMHT offers to our region."

Sandra Beer
Manager of Planned Giving
4 Global View
Troy, NY 12180